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Poetry To Inspire The Actor:

Two streets veered in a yellow wood,

What’s more, sorry I was unable to travel both

What’s more, be one voyager, long I stood

What’s more, looked down one as far as Possible

To where it bowed in the undergrowth;

At that point took the other, as similarly as reasonable,

What’s more, having maybe the better case,

Since it was lush and needed wear;

In spite of the fact that with respect to that the going there

Had worn them extremely about the equivalent,

What’s more, both that morning similarly lay

In leaves no progression had trodden dark.

Gracious, I saved the first for one more day!

However realizing how route leads on to way,

I questioned in the event that I should ever returned.

I will be telling this with a moan

Some place ages and ages thus:

Two streets veered in a wood, and I—

I took the one less went by,

What’s more, that has had a significant effect.